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February 10, 2009

1. Abstractness is a means by which the picture interprets what it portrays. It says that abstract style removes from their subject matter from physical reality… so I think that means the artists create abstract imgs to explain the characteristics of an object in an emotional sense, but…

Why do artists or designers continue to create abstract images that might form numerous interpretations? How can the artist’s intentions be determined if abstract imgs convey various messages?


Courbet's L'Atelier

Courbet's L'Atelier

The painting was intended to show on one side the people of the practical life and on the other those concerned with feeling and thought, both equally arrested in a state of dreamlike suspensiory while the painier alone, vigorously at work on a canvas, held the center as the only person actively dealing with reality.  

Would images without color convey the same message? If position/gesture of the figures and their expressions are main factors that convey the message (above), would color not have any effect? What kind of mood would different colors create? 

3. Logos may reflect company’s characteristics and traits, but would the audience still recognize what the company is about without the name of the organization written next to the symbol? Would people notice what it is only by looking at the image? Do you think the logos actually reflect the company’s aesthetics? Discuss few that work and do not work.


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