reading 4

February 17, 2009

Ways of Seeing John Berger

Chapter 7

1. pg 132- publicity feeds upon the real …publicity is always aboutthe  future buyer

If publicity did not exist, would our needs and wants be different from what is portrayed in the ads? It also states that publicity makes him envious of himself…If it’s making us want more than how much or what we possess in life, does publicity have a negative impact on our lives?

2. If publicity  reflects the past, not the future, would that stop us from being envious of others? For example, a famous painting, “The Potato Eaters”  by Vincent Van Gogh depicts the natural life of the peasants. If paintings that illustrate these subject matters act as publicity, would the audience still “desire” what is presented in front of them?

Van Gogh "The Potato Eaters"

Van Gogh "The Potato Eaters"

3. publicity uses sexuality… I think this is a great issue to point out. It has been the most popular way to sell clothes, even if quality and price are the main focus of ads for clothes, “sexuality” 

4. Quotes that stood out…

You will become desirable with publicity that reflects the future…

Oil Panting was naturally painted in the present tense. The painter painted what was before him, either in reality or in imagination.

Can one still desire what is illustrated in oil paintings, even if it does not reflect the future? 

Publicity dictates our needs.

All hopes are gathered together, made homogeneous, simlplified so that they would become intense, yet vague..

In so far as without publicity capitalism could not survive…

So overall, would there be no progress without publicity? could we say that the society has devleoped through publicity? 

When designers/artists produce images.. are they deciding what we want? how are they developing the concept?  How can they predict our desire?


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