Advertisement Analysis

February 19, 2009

Dove Campaign For Real Beauty China vs. America


China - Dove Ad

China - Dove Ad


American - Dove Ad

America - Dove Ad

As the fashion industry introduced thin models and unrealistic images of “perfect” women, Dove introduced their own way to persuade the consumers through “Campaign for Real Beauty.” Dove believed that the fashion industry was educating women with false knowledge of beauty. At first, Dove concentrated on promoting their products by introducing their unique physical attributes, however, when they noticed the problem of women dealing with low self-esteem, they came up with a new campaign strategy. They concentrated on being “real.” Dove changed the perspective of beauty by portraying real women as models  (showing any size, shape, color, etc) to help women build their confidence.

The image above shows one of Dove’s campaign images. It shows real women, with curves. As one can see, more people can relate to this image, because various women with different ethnicities, sizes, ages, and shapes, are represented. In addition, famous models are purposely not used because showing skinny, famous models would only portray “desired” beauty and make the consumers be envious. While the media set an unrealistic standard of beauty and dictated the physical aspects of women, Dove shifted its perspective and approached the consumers by respecting women.  If you take a look at this image, everyone looks pure and happy; they seem like they are proud and confident of their looks. It is also known that Dove does not manipulate the images; only the truth is revealed by the image. Overall, through the image, Dove really shows their loyalty, respect, and honesty through one-to-one customer relationship.

“Campaign for Real Beauty” not only affected America, but it was also launched in China. However, the images used for the campaign are very different. While the American version shows women with different color, the Chinese ad only portrays Asian women. Yes, this is probably because America is very diverse. But, what about the physical appearance of these women? One can definitely see that women portrayed in the Chinese version are very slim compared to the American version. All women presented in the Chinese ad are almost identical to one another, while the women from the American ad show different sizes, shapes, curves, etc. This comparison tells us that Chinese women have a very different view of the ideal feminine beauty.

Two ads tell us that publicity varies among the cultures and marketing strategies change based on the audience. Both images above suggest same idea. The audience from America may see the Chinese ad and believe that the women are unrealistic and the audience from China may feel the same way about the American version. It’s really interesting to see how two images that represent the same idea can be treated so differently.


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