reading 5

February 26, 2009

1.If web development and other digital media continue to grow, would the print media eventually disappear? If it does, would it be a positive impact on our society?

2. on page 11… “did photography make painting and painters unnecessary?” 

photography can capture an identical scenery, but in painting, painters can capture the “mood” or the “feel” of the place through color, brush strokes, etc. which is more effective? painting or photography? 

3. I had to find another explanation of hypermediacy to fully grasp its meaning…

“Hypermediacy  is the full embracement of the medium’s features, embedding it to the content. It is often seen in a crossmedia scenario, as newspaper mimicking websites — apparently, the website is a medium that permits the user more control or interactivity, as well as a more organized plurality of features.”

the article states that digital images are more exciting, lively, and realistic than mere text on a computer screen and that a video conference will lead to a more effective communication

If digital media create a feeling of immediacy, and lead to a more effective communication, could digital images act as universal language? in the future, would it be possible to interact only through image, animation, and sound without text?


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