reading 6

March 5, 2009

Drucker, Joanna. “Language in the Landscape”

1. It states that information is presented based on specific reasons and motives… 

for example… it states that the name of the street reminds us that some political body supervises the existence of the street, that it has a legal as well as functional existence. 

Before typography was introduced to me, I never knew that meanings/intentions existed in designing a specific information. Signs/treatment of letters never invoked any kind of  message/intention before learning about typography… What do you think? Do you think people actually perceive designers’ intentions and the motives just from a typographic design?

2. language provides information, evidence, feelings, context, etc.. yes, language can serve as anything…

but in such a fast-paced society, do you think language can survive over imagery? Will people be patient enough to read the message? As time goes by, do you think the value of language is descending?

3. When designers design pages and general layouts of specific contents, they choose just the right typeface for the content. Why is this so important? Would readers notice the designed elements? How do we know that the chosen typeface is the ‘right typeface’ for its content? Who judges that?


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