reading 8

March 17, 2009

TEXT thinking with type

1. Tracking adjusts “overall” space while kerning unifies the letters by adjusting individual spaces (between two characters) between the letter forms. Yes, we can recognize the difference by knowing the definition, but how can we visually distinguish the two? Lupton states that in kerning, “if letters in a typeface are spaced too uniformly, they make a pattern that doesn’t look uniform enough” Does that mean that kerned letters seem more unified  than letters that are tracked? 

2. referring to pg. 94} how do hierarchies help organize information? In what ways could you create hierarchy? 

3. Do same rules apply on web and print media?  How do web text(hypertext) differ from print text? Do you believe that hypertext is more accessible and can be more expressive than print text? 


pg. 94 } Lupton states that italic is the standard form of emphasis, but as other alternatives, bold, small caps, different font, or change in color can also create emphasis. I just want to add that “space” and text size also create emphasis. I believe that specific contents can also be stressed by increasing or decreasing the space between the letter forms. 

this quote really stood out to me… pg.67} “writing moves words from the sound world to the world of visual space, but print locks words into position in this space.”


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